Web Coding and Apache Basics theory
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Another way to engage the students is to combine text and appealing visuals and prepare some slides. Slides are a very popular way to distribute learning materials, and in MasterStudy you can freely use this format for the lessons. This type increases visual impact and improves learners’ focus.

  • Engaging and interactive
  • Increase visual impact
  • Great force to structure the lecture
  • Comprehensive text editor
  • Ability to insert media files
  • Online preview mode

Don’t stick to the one type of lesson. Take advantage of the options provided. We developed Masterstudy LMS with a well-defined approach in mind. And the main point of this was to make it diverse.
As a result, you have three variations of lessons to work with: video, slides, and text.
Add any media files to the lesson so your students could get the quality and interactive learning material. Upload images, videos and slides and find an approach to every student. Write a description and add lesson content, set featured image and specify the duration.

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